7 Days to Die | Darkness Falls (Installation, RAM requirements and map previews)

Instructions to install Darkness Falls mod pack on your server:
(See table at the bottom for minimum RAM requirements)

  • Stop the server
  • Remove any mods you already have installed in mod manager, also delete any folders left in \Mods in file manager.
  • In the actions tab, use the reinstall option to do a clean reinstall of your server.
  • After the reinstall, leave the server in a stopped state.
  • In Configuration Files in Game panel, edit your config and set your Game World option. You can use RWG but it will take 1-4 hours or more depending on which size map you select. You can use a Darkness Falls pre-created World to speed up this process. One we have seen good results with is DFalls-Medium1 (exactly that, case same as shown here) in the Game World box.
  • Save your config after setting up your selections.
  • Go to Mod Manager in Game Panel and install the Darkness Falls mod.
  • After the mod installs, you can start the server and use web console to monitor the startup. It will go through a process of applying the DF patches and be ready to play or will go through the process of generating the RWG World if you chose that option. 

NOTE - You cannot use the game provided pregen worlds with this mod (PREGEN01, 02 and 03) - You must use either one of the mod's pregens below or a RWG (Random World Generation) world. 


Game World Name


World Size


Minimum Purchased Additional RAM


4.63 GB


Not Necessary


4.53 GB


Not Necessary


5.15 GB


Not Necessary


4.99 GB


Not Necessary


5.63 GB


1 GB


5.94 GB


1 GB


6.53 GB


2 GB


6.52 GB


2 GB


8.41 GB


4 GB

Please note: As your world progresses, you may need to purchase additional memory to accommodate the extra world data generated by progressing the world.


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