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First, here are explanations of all the config options relevant to Dino incubation / maturity / imprinting:

Higher number increases (on a percentage scale) interval between which dinosaurs can mate
Example: MatingIntervalMultiplier=0.5 would allow dinosaurs to mate 50% sooner

Higher number decreases (by percentage) time needed for fertilized egg to hatch

Higher number decreases (by percentage) time needed for baby dino to mature

A multiplier on how long after delaying cuddling with the Baby before Imprinting Quality starts to decrease.

How often Babies wanna cuddle. More often means you'll need to cuddle with them more frequently to gain Imprinting Quality.


A multiplier on how fast Imprinting Qualitiy decreases after the grace period if you haven't yet cuddled with the Baby.

How much of an effect on stats the Imprinting Quality has. Set it to 0 to effectively disable the system.

Multiplier applied to the percentage each of the imprints provide. For example, if an imprint usually give 10%, setting this multiplier to 0.5 means they would now give 5% each. While setting it to 2.0 means they would now give 20% each, etc.
This multiplier is global, meaning it will affect the imprinting progression of every species.


To edit these settings, do the following:

  1. Go to your game panel.
  2. Stop your server.
  3. Click "Configuration Files"
  4. Click "Config Editor" or "Text-Editor" next to Game.ini - you must use whichever you have already used previously.
  5. Find the setting you want to change, using the explanations above if unsure.
  6. Make the change.
  7. Save the file in the top left.
  8. Startup your server.
  9. Test to see if the changes you have made make the incubation/maturity/imprinting as you desire. Truthfully, there will likely be some fine-tuning required as every creature is different, so changes made may affect some creatures too much/too little.


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