7 Days to Die | How to: Create a new world

Create a new world whilst keeping the old

  1. Log into game panel
  2. Select game server
  3. Go to configuration files > Pingperfect.xml
  4. In the field "Game Name" copy the current value and save it somewhere you will remember
  5. Change the value in "Game Name" to anything else (So long as it is a value you have not previously used)
  6. Save the config
  7. Restart the server

Create a new world but delete old

  1. Log into game panel
  2. Select game server
  3. Stop your server
  4. Select file manager and navigate to saves
  5. Delete all FOLDERS within this directory (do not delete the files within saves)
  6. Start server

Set entire server to default and remove all previous saves

  1. Log into game panel
  2. Select game server
  3. Go to actions tab at top of game panel
  4. Select re-install

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