Medal of Honor: Allied Assault | MOHAA | Server Configuration

It's easy to configure your Pingperfect Medal of Honor: Allied Assault | MOHAA Server. Just follow the steps below.

  1. Open the 'Configuration Files' section from your control panel.
  2. Select the 'Text Editor' option next to 'main\server.cfg'
  3. Refer to the Example Configuration below and change the respective settings where you need to do so in order to configure your server to your desires.

// Server Name

// Name that will appear on the server browser

sv_hostname "MOHAA Server"


// Private Clients

// Clients that require a password to join

set sv_privateclients 0

set sv_privatepassword "password_for_slots"


// Password

// Allows you to set a password for the server

set g_password ""

sets g_needpass 0


// Game Type

// 1 Free for All

// 2 Team Based

// 3 Round Based

// 4 Objective

set g_gametype 4


// RCON Capability

// Leave blank to disable rcon.

set rconpassword 148k2


// Health Drop

// When enabled players will drop a health pack when killed

set g_healthdrop 1


// Fast Run Speed

// When checked, the speed at which players can run through levels is increased. 

// Leaving it unchecked defaults to Medal of Honor Allied Assault's original run speed

set sv_dmspeedmult 1.100000


// Team Damage

// Toggles friendly fire

set g_teamdamage 0


// Time Limit

// This sets the elapsed time at which the game ends, the winner being the player with the highest score at that time.

timelimit 10


// Frag Limit

// The score at which the player or team will win the current map.

fraglimit 100


// Map Rotation Time

// This sets the maximum amount of time in minutes players will spend in a particular map.

maprotationtime 30


// Team Spawn Delay

// This sets a delay in seconds between spawns. This is useful if you would like the 

// player spawned in batches, rather than one at a time

//set sv_team_spawn_interval 15


// Round Reset Time

// This sets how long each round will take, in minutes. This can be smaller than the map rotation time, but not larger.

roundlimit 0


// Inactive Spectate

// This sets the time in seconds after which an inactive player becomes a spectator. To save server bandwidth, 60 seconds is default.

set g_inactivespectate 60


// Inactive Kick

// This sets the time in seconds after which an inactive player is kicked out of the game. 900 (15 minutes) seconds is default.

set g_inactivekick 900


// Use Gamespy

// To use GameSpy gaming service for internet-based multiplayer games.  

// If this is 0, players will not be able to see your server via the in-game browser nor gamespy arcade.

set sv_gamespy 1


// Flood Protect

// Limits amount of text a player can type

set sv_floodprotect 1


// Forces players to only be able to spectate behind their own team. 

set g_forceteamspectate 1


//  dmflags -- flags that can be set in the dmflags variable.

//  DF_NO_HEALTH (1 << 0)

//  DF_NO_POWERUPS (1 << 1)

//  DF_WEAPONS_STAY (1 << 2)

//  DF_NO_FALLING (1 << 3)

//  DF_INSTANT_ITEMS (1 << 4)

//  DF_SAME_LEVEL (1 << 5)

//  DF_NO_ARMOR (1 << 11)

//  DF_INFINITE_AMMO (1 << 14)

//  DF_NO_FOOTSTEPS (1 << 17)

//  DF_ALLOW_LEAN (1 << 18)

//  DF_OLD_SNIPERRIFLE (1 << 19)

//  DF_GERMAN_SHOTGUN (1 << 20)

set dmflags 0


// Invulnerable Time

// Amount of time (in seconds) a player is invulnerable for after spawning (default=3 seconds)

set sv_invulnerabletime 3


// Team Kill Warning

// Amount of team kills before the player is warned

set g_teamkillwarn 3


// Team Kill Kick

// Amount of team kills before the player is kicked off the server.

set g_teamkillkick 5


// Team Switch Delay

// Frequency at which you can switch teams

set g_teamswitchdelay 15



// Allow Join Time

set g_allowjointime 30


// Keywords

// Keywords which allow browsers to filter servers.

set sv_keywords "MOHAA Server"


// Net Port

set net_ip

set net_port 12203


// Minimum Ping to allow clients to join with.  0 means anyone

set sv_minping 0


// Maximum Ping to allow clients to join with.  0 means anyone

set sv_maxping 200


// Maximum Rate

set sv_maxrate 0

// Default to no-sprint and original Allied Assault runspeed

sv_sprinton 0

sv_runspeed 250 // spearhead runspeed is 287


// Map Rotation List

sv_maplist "obj/obj_team1 obj/obj_team2 obj/obj_team3 obj/obj_team4 "


// Map

// Starting map on the rotation. Kicks the server into gear

map "obj/obj_team1"


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