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The gamemodes below can be chosen via your commandline to customise your Mount and Blade server.

  • Battle   
  • CTF        
  • Conquest           
  • Deathmatch      
  • Duel      
  • Fight and Destroy           
  • Siege    
  • Team Deathmatch
  • Team Deathmatch - Napoleonic Wars
  • Battle - Napoleonic Wars             
  • CTF - Napoleonic Wars  
  • Conquest - Napoleonic Wars     
  • Deathmatch - Napoleonic Wars
  • Duel - Napoleonic Wars
  • Fight and Destroy
  • Siege - Napoleonic Wars
  • Commander Battle - Napoleonic Wars

If you want to change configuration settings/options for a game mode; you will need to stop your server then navigate to the "Configuration Files" section of the Gamepanel, select "Text-editor" next to the relevant gamemode's configuration file, make the changes you want, save the gamemode's configuration file in the top left then start your server for the changes to apply.

For example, If I wanted to remove a map I don't like from Team Deathmatch, I would go into the Gamepanel, select "Configuration Files next to "Team_Deathmatch.txt" make the change I want too by removing the line "add_map mp_walloon_farm" then saving the Team_Deathmatch.txt file in the top left, then starting the server.

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