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To revert your 7 days to die server back to 18 (stable) from 18.x (experimental)

  1. Stop your server in game panel
  2. Go to the Reset World option in game panel
  3. Remove every world shown in the drop down menu, refresh the page after each one to update the drop down
  4. Run the normal Steam update
  5. Go to pingperfect.xml in config manager and edit it as needed, save
  6. Go to command line manager and hit the "selected" link to re-save the command line
  7. Start server, the world generation will take place again.

World Generation Table-Of-Reference for RWG and Navezgane World Names

All times are averages and your world may generate faster, or slower than the times shown.

Standard Server

4086 – 17 minutes, 31 seconds 

6144 – 30 minutes, 31 seconds

8192 – 58 Minutes, 17 seconds

Extreme Server

4086 – 7 minutes, 23 seconds

6144 – 13 minutes, 53 seconds

8192 – 25 Minutes, 55 seconds

You can avoid the long world generation time by using one of the following in the World Name field in pingperfect.xml in the configuration files menu:





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