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Admin Setup:

  1. Navigate to your Game panel

  2. Select Text Editor next to Game.ini

  3. Find this line :  ServerAdmins=(UserSteamId64=SteamID64, AdminRank="DefaultAdmin")

  4. This represents an entry for a server admin. In Beasts of Bermuda, servers support admin ranks, and you can set custom administration ranks for your server. Note that this is treated like a list. Add a new ServerAdmins = (...) line for each administrator.

  5. You should also be aware that the levels work in reverse; 0 is the default admin level, and 999 is the standard, no-admin user level.
  6. Replace SteamID64 with your SteamID64 found using this tool :

  7. If you have more than one admin, (not just yourself), copy and paste the example line above, below your admin entry and then replace the SteamID64's with the SteamID64's of all your admins.

  8. Save the file and restart your server.


Admin Ranks/Command Configuration:

Admin ranks in Beasts of Bermuda are easily configured using this configuration tool :
It's a lot more efficient and time effective to use that tool, as it generates the config code for you.

Just create the admin ranks you want, remember that the higher the Rank level, the higher the administrator. Any administrator with a higher rank than another will be able to do anything this other admin can do, and more.

Simply input the Admin Rank and Admin Command information into the tool, press generate code, then copy the generated code into your Game.ini


If you struggle with these processes, please submit a support ticket from your client area, and we will happily assist you.


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