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Upload your custom map to Dropbox in your Public folder and create a download link for it

The URL should look something like this:

Change the dl=0 in your URL to dl=1

  1. Click "Configuration Files"
  2. Click "Text-Editor" next to server\Pingperfect\cfg\server.cfg
  3. Locate the levelURL= setting. Add your Dropbox custom map download link into this setting.
  4. Next, locate the serverLevel= setting. Set this to the serverLevel used when creating your custom map. 
    This can be: Procedural Map, Barren, Hapis, Craggy Island, or Savas Island
  5. Locate the server.seed and server.worldsize settings and put a # infront of them.
  6. Save the file in the top left and startup your server.

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