Unturned | Add mods (Workshop and Rocket)

The process is as follows:

Workshop Mods

Step 1: Navigate to the Unturned Steam Workshop.

Step 2: Subscribe to the mods that you would like added to your server.

Step 3: Locate the mods that you have subscribed to on your pc. These can typically be found in "SteamLibrary\SteamApps\workshop\content\304930".

NOTE* 304930 is Unturned's ID. You'll see numbered folders in that folder. These are the workshop mods.

Step 4: Upload your subscribed mods via FTP to this location on your server >Pingperfect>Workshop>content.

NOTE* If you get an error in the game of "workshop not enabled" or "workshop disabled" and the mods do not work do the following:
Step1: Navigate to Configuration Files manager in gamepanel
Step2: edit the commands.dat file using text editor
Step3: at bottom of file add this: workshop enable
Save and restart


Rocket Mods

Step 1: Stop your server

Step 2: Install Rocket Mod from the Mod Manager on your control panel.

Step 3: Download your plugins from the Rocket Mod website. Be sure to unzip the folder.

Step 4: Upload the unzipped files to the folder Servers\Pingperfect\Rocket\Plugins\ using the File Manager or FTP. Help with setting up FTP can be found here.

Step 5: Setup the plugin following instructions are given on the plugins page. Most plugins will have permissions that need to be set up before they can be used.

Step 6: Start your server


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