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  1. Go to the Workshop page for the map mod you'd like to use.
  2. From the URL for that page, copy the ID. For instance, with this URL - https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=767265662 - the ID is 767265662. Do this for all mods you'd like on the server. 
  3. Open the Configuration Files page and then click Text Editor next to the file named "WorkshopDownloadConfig.json"
  4. The file should look like this:
     "File_IDs": [],
     "Query_Cache_Max_Age_Seconds": 600,
     "Max_Query_Retries": 2,
     "Use_Cached_Downloads": true,
     "Should_Monitor_Updates": true,
     "Shutdown_Update_Detected_Timer": 600,
     "Shutdown_Update_Detected_Message": "Workshop file update detected, shutdown in: {0}",
     "Shutdown_Kick_Message": "Shutdown for Workshop file update."
  5. Enter each mod you'd like on the server between the [ and ] characters on the "File_IDs" line. Each mod should be seperated by a comma. For example: "File_IDs": [664568683,767265662]
  6. Save the file and restart your server.
  7. Your service will now download all of the mods to your server. Give it a few minutes to fully boot and download the files.
  8. Go to File Manager and open the folders:
    Servers > PingPerfect > Workshop > Steam > Content > 304930
    In this folder, you should see the IDs for all of the mods on your service. Open the folder for the map mod.
  9. This folder should contain a single folder and a file named "map.meta". Copy the name of that folder.
  10. In the Configuration Files page of the gamepanel, open "Commands.dat"'s Text Editor".
  11. In the map line, replace the existing map name with what you copied from the folder.
  12. Save the file. and restart your server. 

workshop not enabled/workshop disabled

If you get an error in the game of "workshop not enabled" or "workshop disabled" and the mods do not work do the following:

  1. Navigate to Configuration Files manager in game panel
  2. Edit the commands.dat file using text editor
  3. At bottom of file add this: workshop enable
  4. Save and restart

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