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How to install and enable mods

With the addition of our new and improved Steam Workshop installers, adding mods to your server is as easy as ever. To help you get started we will walk you through all the steps needed to get mods installed and enabled on your server.

  1. In your game panel, press the Steam Workshop button. A new window will appear where you can begin searching for a mod you would like to install on your server. To install a mod, you will just need to press the green Install button.

    A new window will appear displaying the status of the installation process, once this is complete it will automatically close and return you back to the Steam Workshop page.

  2. Now you have your first mod installed, you will need to enable it on your server.

  3. Find the line that looks like


  1. Remove the '#' symbol. The symbol tells the game to ignore the line.


  1. Remove anything after the = sign, and add in the folder names for your mods, separated by commas - the folder names of your mods can be found within the file manager, under the mods folder.

  2. Save the file and restart your server.

Please note: You must have the same mods subscribed in the same order on your PC or the mod's won't work correctly.

Please also note: You do actually have to enable the mod in-game under the "Misc" menu.

Another note: You may also need to put your mod IDs in the modlist.txt file one per line

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