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This will make the playable area smaller, meaning the borders of the radiation zone that surrounds the playable area of the map will be brought in, reducing the amount of world that needs to be generated.

This is only recommended if you're starting a new world and not trying to keep a current save.

To accomplish this you will need to do the following:

  1. In Game panel navigate to File Manger\Data\Config then click the pencil beside rwgmixer.xml
  2. Look for the following line ... It should be right at the top.
    	<ruleset name="vanilla" cell_cache_size="8" cell_size="1800" cell_offset="0" generation_distance="10000" terrain_generator="vanilla" biome_generator="vanilla">               
    		<cell_rule name="default" prob="1" />
    		<!--<cell_rule name="customHubTest" position="0,1" prob="0"/>-->
  3. Next you need to change the number in generation_distance="10000"  (Please note anything above 15000 is highly likely to cause the server to lag, and not recommended)
  4. Save the changes
  5. Back on the main page of Game panel click the "Reset World" button to generate a new world with the new settings. 
  6. Make sure your server settings are set and saved in the Pingperfect.xml and restart the server, and you're set.

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