Path Of Titans | How to enable Replay Recording Very easy setup. Stop server. Click "Configuration Files" Click "Text Editor" next to... Path Of Titans | How to migrate / move your server to our hosting This guide covers the entire process of moving your Path Of Titans server from another host to... Path Of Titans | How to set server region / server flag Stop your server. Click "Command line Manager" Click "Select/Selected" on your current command... Path of Titans | Admin Commands Make sure you have performed the process to make yourself an admin covered here:... Path of Titans | Admin Configuration Important Note: The server must be stopped / restarted for these changes to take effect. You... Path of Titans | Dinosaur Configuration Enabling and Disabling Dinosaurs This will set up a whitelist of permitted dinosaurs on your... Path of Titans | Errors / Server not working If your server is not working, click the "Web Console" button to view the server console, if it... Path of Titans | First Time Setup If you have not already, create an account at Click the... Path of Titans | How to add Mods Important Note: The server must be stopped while editing server files. You must save your edits... Path of Titans | How to ban or unban players You can ban users two ways, either by editing your Game.ini file or by using a chat command... Path of Titans | How to change dino stats (Curve overrides) Important: This will not work for modded dinos. First, you need to go to the Game.ini file.... Path of Titans | How to cluster servers Warning: We recommend that the all servers in the cluster are in the same geographical location,... Path of Titans | How to switch to "Gondwa" Stop the server. Click "Configuration Files" in your gamepanel. Click "Text-Editor" Find... Path of Titans | RCon Configuration + RCon Commands WARNING: If you purchased your server prior to 5th January 2022, you will need to stop your... Path of Titans | Roles Configuration Stop your server. Click "Configuration Files" then click "Text-Editor" next to Commands.ini... Path of Titans | Server Configuration It's easy to configure your Pingperfect Path of Titans Server. Just follow the steps below.... Test
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