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One of the most frequent questions we get is how to add color to your servername. 

To do this follow the guide below

1. Log into your game panel @
2. Select your game server then go to configuration files
3. click configuration editor next to server settings
4. Add your chosen colour to your servername (example below)

serverName = ‘’

If you wanted to make the entire line bright red, you would need to know that the color red hex code is ff0000. You would edit your servername to look like this

serverName = ‘[ff0000]’

If you want to use more then one color, for example, you wanted to make the Ping word white while keeping everything else red your ServerSettings.cfg line:

serverName = ‘[ff0000]Ping[ffffff]’

You can make color changes for each character, just place your color code in brackets before the character.

Keep in mind that server names displayed on the server list only accounts for the first 64 characters, this includes color codes.

Remember to restart your server after making the changes


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