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1. Install tModLoader from the 'Mod Manager' in your game panel
2. Upload the mods you want to the Mods folder using the file manager (if the Mods folder does not exist it should be created in the root, same place as the content, ModCompile and Worlds folders)
3. Go to your Gamepanel main page and click "Configuration Files" then click "Text-Editor" next to enabled.json
4. Within this file add the following


Replace Mod1/Mod2/etc with the name of your mods, do not add the extension of the mod and keep the " "
5. Save the file in the top left.
6. Start up your server.
PLEASE NOTE: When connecting to your server, if you have large mods installed, you may get a buffer overflow error - to resolve this install the mods on your PC using tModLoader's "Mod Browser".

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