Eco | How to Generate a New World

To generate a new world just follow these steps

  1. In your game panel stop your server
  2. Click the regenerate world button (this will delete your current world so make sure to back it up if you want to keep it for future)
  3. Start the server

It's as simple as that, however there are a few caveats:

If you are regenerating your world as you want to make changes to the configuration file you must make sure that the world dimensions fit within your purchased ram
We recommend not generating a world that's going to use more than 75% of your purchased ram amount so you have space for players
World size must be divisible by 4 (e.g.,72x72, 84x84, 96x96, 108x108, 120x120, 132x132, 144x144, 156x156 and so on, currently it is not advisable to go beyond 200x200)

2 GB - 144x144 is safe maximum
3 GB - 180x180 is safe maximum 
4 GB - 202x202 is safe maximum
5 GB - 240x240 is safe maximum
6 GB - 270x270 is safe maximum
7 GB - 300x300 is safe maximum

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