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This is a complex process so if you do not feel you can do it ask the support team with a ticket from your client area. They will be able to do it for you.

  1. Find out all your server ID's, do this by looking at the URL of the game panel e.g. https://gamepanel.pingperfect.com/..... ... eid=195078 (unless you have uploaded your own world in which case you will have had to specify this in the Settings.sql config file, for the purpose of this guide however I will assume the ID is that of the one in the URL)
  2. On the first server go to configuration files > Custom.sql
  3. Fill in the details for the cluster server (these details should exactly match what is in the settings.sql file for said cluster server) making sure you put in the correct server ID
  4. Save the file then go into Neighbours.sql, fill in the details required making sure not to mix up the server ID of the service you are currently on and the server id of the cluster server you are adding
  5. Save the file then go back to the main page of the game panel (where the start/stop/restart buttons are) click the update server settings button
  6. In the update server settings button select the game type you are using in the first box then select Custom in the 2nd, hit execute. After this is done close the command prompt window, in the first box select Neighbours then select Neighbours in the 2nd box and hit execute
  7. On the server you just attached to the first as a cluster run through steps 2 through 6 again (where required replace first server with x server)

That's it you are done, give it a try.


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