How to tame a Karkinos (Crab)

To tame a Karkinos you need two things a custom built taming pen and a catapult!

The most effective way to tame the Karkinos is with at least 2 people, one person to lure it in to the taming pen and a second to shut the gate locking it in.

There is a video here that will show you a taming pen, however to make it easier we reccomend building a smaller taming pen than seen in this video, using behemoth gate and four dino gates, simply place the behemoth gate down and add four dino gates behind it, with a small gap in the middle (small enough that the crab can't get through) then add one pillar at the end of the gap with a ceiling and catapult on top. (Image of suguested pen at bottom of the guide)

Start hitting the crap, on it's back! it must be on the back or you will kill it! It is actually easier to tame a higher level as they will have more health and can take more hits, each hit on the back with increase it's topor and soon knock it out!

Once it is knocked out feed it, turtle kibble (if you have any) if you don't then feed it spoiled meat.

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