Adding mods for Altis life 5.0

Adding mods for Altis life 5.0 can be more difficult that adding them for previous verions, as the Altis life website does not yet list mods just for 5.0 like it did for earlier versions.

Fist head over to the Altis Life website found here

You will see there are sub forums for all different versions of Altis Life:

3.x: These ones will work with Altis Life 3.0
4.x: These ones will work with Altis Life 4.0
Universal: These ones should work with all versions

However even though they are version spesfic make sure to read through the forum posts, you may find that older versions still work with 5.0 the only way to tell is to read the forum and see the feedback or try it and test.

Each mod from the list will have very detailed instructions on how to install the mod, should you have any issues installing them, you can also reply to the thread and get help from both the developers and the community.

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