How to tame a bulbdog

How to tame a  Bulbdog:

Food to tame: Meat.
Uses: Lights up an area, warns of enemy players and max level dinos, keeps the unknown away.
Temperment: Not agressive.
Known spawn locations: Check here

Bulbdogs are a passive tame, meaning you just need to have their food of choice in the hot bar in slot 0. Simply approach the Bulbdog and feed it meat (Mutton is best!) stay near the Bulbdog and wait for it to be hungry again, and repeat the process untill fully tamed.

The Bulbdog has different stats to level up compared to most other creatures, such as Charge regen, Charge emission rate

Use the link below to calculate how long the tame will take to complete and don't forget to add your servers taming and consumption rates in. It will also let you know how many narcotics and food you need.
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