Avorion | Upload your own Avorion Galaxy

To upload your own galaxy just follow the below steps:

1. Connect to your server via FTP (https://pingperfect.com/index.php/knowledgebase/19/Accessing-your-files.html)

2. Upload your existing world to the "Saves" folder of your server.

3. Navigate to the game panel.

4. Select "Command line Manager"

5. Click "new"

6. Where it says "Description" give the command line a name (the name of your world is the best name)

7. Enter your Admin Steam ID 64's if applicable.

8. Enter the EXACT name of your world where it says "Galaxy Name"

9. Press save.

10. Click the "Select" button on the right hand side of the commandline you just created in order to activate it.

11. Start / Restart your server from the Game panel main page.

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