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  1. Stop server.

  2. Click "Configuration Files"

  3. Click "Config Editor" next to "Pingperfect.xml"

  4. Make sure "Web Dashboard Enabled" tickbox is ticked

  5. Find the setting "Enable Telnet", make sure the value is "Enabled"

  6. Add a value for "Telnet Password"

  7. Tick the "Enable Map Rendering" tickbox

  8. Click "Save and Exit" on the navigation bar.

  9. Startup your server - wait until the startup process has completed - it should say

    INF [Steamworks.NET] GameServer.Init successful
    INF [Steamworks.NET] Making server public

  10. Click "Web Console" in the gamepanel

  11. Where it says "RCon Password" type in your Telnet password from Step 5 of this guide.

  12. Press the Enter Key on your keyboard

  13. Type rendermap in the "command" window

  14. The server will now render the live map, this process can take some time if you're running a large map on your server (above 8k)

  15. Once the process has complete, you can view the live map by clicking "View Live Map" in your gamepanel. It will look something like this:

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