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AdminLogin [Password]

Gain admin privileges for the current player.

KickPlayer [SteamId or PlayerName] [Reason (optional)]

Kick a player from the server using their steam id or player name. Player and still rejoin after this.

BanPlayer [SteamId or PlayerName] [Reason (optional)]

Kick and ban a player from the server using their steam id or player name. Player will be added to saved ban list and will be blocked from successfully rejoining the server.

UnbanPlayer [SteamId or PlayerName]

Removes a player from the ban list using their steam id or player name. This allows them to rejoin the server successfully.


Kicks all players and returns the server to lobby.


Sets the server to return to lobby as soon as the lobby becomes empty instead of using the configured ShutdownIfEmptyFor value.

AdminSay [Message]

Shows the Message to all players anonymously



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