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Direct Connect

  1. Open gamepanel and note/copy your "connection info"

  2. Start up Icarus on your PC and click Play.

  3. Select a Character or create a character.

  4. Click Join.

  5. Click Dedicated Servers.

  6. Click Direct Connect.

  7. Enter your connection info - something like then click Confirm.

  8. If your server has a password, enter it, then click Confirm.


Server List

  1. Navigate to the Dedicated Servers screen using steps 2-5 of the Using Direct Connect section above.

  2. Wait for the server list to fully populate, then enter your Server Name.

    If you are unsure what your server name is or you want to change it, click "Commandline manager in the gamepanel then click "selected" and it'll allow you to edit it (obviously click apply if you do make changes)

  3. Double-click your server.

  4. If your server has a password, enter it then click Confirm.

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