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This guide is on how to get zombies & workshop maps working on your call of duty: black ops III server

We will be using The Grease Pit as the example map (


Step 1 Get the workshop map you want

  1. In your gamepanel click on "Steam Workshop"
  2. download the map you want
  3. In commandline manager click "select" next to the custom commandline
  4. type in the mod id next to "Mod:" the mod id is the number in the link above, for this example its 2995274724


Step 2 Get the map name

  1. Go to the file manager and navigate to steamapps\workshop\content\311210\2995274724
  2. open/edit the workshop.json file, inside you will see "FolderName": "zm_garage",


Step 3 Load the map and zombies

  1. Go to configuration files and edit the file
  2. Under the gametypes section add the following for zombies

    gametype zm
    script zm
  3. Under the playlists section add the map name and game mode (it should look like the below)zm_garage,zm


Save the config and then start your server

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