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Drunk world

  • Seeds:
    • 05162020
    • 5162020

This seed references May 16, 2020, which is Terraria's 9th birthday and the release date of It invokes a highly extraordinary world generation referred to in the source code as drunkWorldGen.[1] It has therefore come to be referred to by the Terraria community as drunk world.

In this seed, both Evil biomes will generate, as well as both variants of any ore that comes in two varieties. The Guide is replaced by the Party Girl as the starting NPC, and the Dungeon entrance is now generated under a Living Tree painted brown.

Not the bees

  • Seeds (case-insensitive):
    • not the bees
    • not the bees!

This seed generates a world dominated by bee-themed biomes and bee-related items and structures.

Most of the world is replaced with the Jungle biome, with Hive and Honey Blocks found in abundance, and Larvae spawn throughout the world. The starting NPC is the Merchant instead of the Guide. He will sell the Furnace as per usual in the Jungle.

For the worthy

  • Seed (case-insensitive): for the worthy

This special world's features aim to drastically increase the difficulty of the game.

All enemies' contact damage, health and coin drop rates are increased, in addition to the world difficulty multiplier, by their standard amount in a normal world. After that, the damage is increased by another 1/3 (33.33%).[2] Damage from ranged attacks is typically left unchanged. Bunnies (even placed) are replaced with Explosive Bunnies, and all Demons are replaced with Voodoo Demons. The Demolitionist replaces the Guide upon entering the world for the first time.

There are also many other changes to world generations and game mechanics. For instance, some water pools throughout the world are replaced with lava. Pots and trees may drop lit Bombs that shortly explode, instead of their usual items. Skyware Chests are replaced with locked Gold Chests but they still have their respective loot.

Bosses also receive changes to size and/or AI that make battles much more difficult.


  • Seeds (case-insensitive):
    • celebrationmk10
    • 05162011
    • 5162011
    • 05162021
    • 5162021

This seed celebrates Terraria's tenth birthday, May 16, 2021.

The player's spawn point is on the beach of one Ocean. Andrew the Guide, Whitney the Steampunker, Yorai the Princess, a Party Girl, and an Angora Town Bunny will also spawn there and a Party immediately starts. A majority of the world is painted in bright colors.

Items in chests always have a "best" modifier such as Menacing or Legendary.

Two unique enemies can be encountered in this seed:

The chance of obtaining rare items such as the Rod of Discord and developer items is substantially increased, the Traveling Merchant always sells 2 extra items, and the Princess sells rare items such as the Slime Staff and Discount Card.

The Constant

  • Seeds (case-insensitive):
    • constant
    • theconstant
    • the constant
    • eye4aneye
    • eyeforaneye

This seed is part of the crossover with Klei Entertainment's Don't Starve Together.

It introduces hunger and darkness mechanics that make the early game especially challenging. Marble biomes with statues and Spider Caves will generate on the surface, and Cacti will damage the player.

The entire game uses a dark shader that gives the game a gloomier look. Items exclusive to the Don't Starve crossover content are more likely to drop.

While generating

  • The game adds "Generating wavy caves" as one of its messages.
  • A constant shader which significantly darkens the screen will be applied.

No traps

  • Seeds (case-insensitive):
    • no traps
    • notraps

This seed includes extra traps despite its name.

Remix Seed

  • Seeds (case-insensitive):
    • don't dig up
    • dont dig up
    • dontdigup

This seed flips the usual order of player progression through biomes by having the player spawn in the Underworld.

The Underworld now contains Ash Trees, and lava does not spawn in the central part of the Underworld. Lava slimes do not drop lava upon death. In addition, Mimics now spawn in pre-Hardmode, but drop Surface loot.

There is a Glowing Mushroom biome immediately above the player's spawn.

Fallen Stars can be found by breaking pots, and do not disappear during the day. They are also sometimes carried by slimes.

The Guide is replaced by the Tax Collector.

The Surface is entirely covered by either The Corruption or The Crimson, depending on which world type was chosen during generation. Stone on the outer edges of the map are also replaced.

The Dungeon, Jungle Temple, Living Trees, and any Pyramids are all painted either red or purple, depending on the world evil.

The Jungle Temple generates on the Surface.

Living trees appear dead with barren branches and few leaves.

Cloud Blocks and Sunplate Blocks on Floating Islands are replaced with Lesion Blocks or Flesh Blocks. Floating Islands also contain a water fountain of the world evil.

Surface enemies will spawn in the center of the Underworld during a Blood Moon.

Everything / Zenith Seed

  • Seeds (case-insensitive):
    • get fixed boi
    • getfixedboi

This seed is a combination of no traps, not the bees, drunk, celebration mk10, don't starve, remix and for the worthy secret seeds.

As with the Remix seed, the player spawns in the Underworld on a flat plain with ash grass and Ash trees, and a Glowing Mushroom biome immediately overhead, however the Glowing Mushroom biome here will be painted in rainbow colors.

Andrew the Tax Collector, Whitney the Steampunker, Yorai the Princess, a Party Girl, and Slimestar the Diva Town Slime will also spawn there and a Party immediately starts. When the Party ends at the beginning of the first night, all of them will instantly die.

Heart and Star pickups are randomly replaced with their counterparts from the Christmas and Halloween events.

Ice Bow can drop from Ice Mimics in pre-hardmode along with Surface Loot, however the weapon's base damage will be changed from 46 to 9.

Though the Zenith world does use the hunger and darkness damage systems from The Constant, it does not use the shader.

Credit to https://terraria.fandom.com/wiki/Secret_world_seeds for the information.

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