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This is particularly useful if you have players connecting via Epic Games Launcher, as they won't be able to download the maps via Steam Workshop when connecting to your server.

  1. Add the map file (file of the .kfm extension/file type) to your server's maps directory located at : KFGame\BrewedPC\Maps

  2. Click "Configuration Files"

  3. Click "Text-Editor" next to PCServer-KFEngine.ini

  4. Find the section that follows:


  5. Add your Fast Redirect / Fast Downloads URL, for example


  6. Save the file in the top left.

  7. Press the Fast Downloads Sync button - wait for it to complete.
  8. Open the PCServer-KFGame.ini file and identify the map cycle code:

    Add the map to the map cycle code, for example:

    Set the bUseMapList value to true - This sets the server to use a custom map list you specify instead of the entire default map list.
    Set the GameLength to the number of rounds per game you desire - This sets the number of rounds per game. 0 → {short, 4 rounds} 1 → {normal, 7 rounds} 2 → {long, 10 rounds}

  9. Save the file and startup your server.

Get Custom Maps To Show In Web Admin

To get custom maps to show up in the change level section of web admin, admins will need to add a data store for the game in PCServer-KFGame.ini. A data store looks like the following example:

[KF-Default KFMapSummary]

Please note the use of lowercase in the map name and read the Known Issues to Avoid section for more information on the topic. This holds true for the mapcycle as well.

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