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  1. Stop your server.

  2. Download the types.xml using the file manager or FTP from your server. The types.xml is located at
    mpmissions / dayzOffline.chernarusplus / db / types.xml

    Replace dayzOffline.chernarusplus with the name of the mission/map your server is using
  3. For any mod that has the "types.xml" file (it should tell you in the mod description, if unsure, check the mods files) locate it's .xml file

  4. Open the "types.xml" file of the mod using, for example, Notepad ++

  5. Copy all XML code from inside the mod's .xml file

  6. Paste into your server's current types.xml you downloaded earlier to the appropriate line (after </type> of the previous item)

  7. Save the types.xml file on your PC

    Keep a copy of it!

  8. Reupload the edited types.xml containing the base XML code and all the mods' XML code you've just added to your server.

  9. Start your server.

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