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This game doesn't support mods anymore.

  1. Stop your server.
  2. Find the mods you want to add on the Steam Workshop, in this example we will be adding a custom map found here:
  3. Find the mod/s workshop ID , which is found at the end of the mods' workshop URL , for the example it is: 2668236931
  4. Click "Configuration Files"
  5. Click "Text-Editor" next to "PCServer-PrimalCarnageGame.ini"
  6. Find the heading "[Workshop.WorkshopInformation]"
  7. Directly underneath that heading, add the following:

    Repeat that process for all the mods you want to add.

    For the example, I am adding:
  8. Save the file in the top left.

  9. Startup your server, it will then download all the mods you've added.
  10. Wait for the server to be reachable in-game, then stop the server.
  11. You will now need to move the mod files to the correct location/s on the server.
  12. Connect via FTP to your server. (Click here for FTP guide)
  13. Go to the path: PrimalCarnageGame\Workshop\content\321360
  14. You will see folders named by ModID, move the folders to their correct locations.

    In this example, we've installed a modded map with the mod ID of 2668236931 so we need to move the folder with the name 2668236931 to the Maps folder located inside PrimalCarnageGame\CookedPC
    If you've installed a custom map you will also need to find the custom map's filename in order to be able to tell the server to use that map, so go inside the mod ID named folder and look for the .pcm file, that will give you the custom map's file name for use shortly. In this example, it is: PC-XmasVillage-workshop
  15. Once that's done, if you have installed a modded map, you will need to tell the server to use that map.

  16. Click "Command line Manager"

  17. Click the "Custom Command lines" tab

  18. Click "New" and give the command line a description (the modded map name is probably best)

  19. Click the tick box next to "Custom Starting Map" and enter the custom map's file name, in the example it is: PC-XmasVillage-workshop
  20. Click the tick box for the "Game mode" and select a game mode.

  21. Press "Save"

  22. Press "Select" on the right-hand side of the screen for the command line you've just created.

  23. Startup your server.

We highly recommend you subscribe to the mods manually on your PC via the Steam Workshop, as you may experience longer load times and time-outs when downloading directly from the server.

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