Steam account tokens

Due to a recent CS:GO update clients are required to provide a steam account token to their rented game server in order for it to work. This is steam's attempt at curbing illegal modifications.

A guide on creating your steam account token is below

1. You MUST have a phone number set in your steam account's settings, this is the only requirement for this to work.
2. Go to this link if you are not logged in, press login at the top.
3. Now you must enter in the details for your gameserver App ID is just the ID of the game (730 for CS:GO, 440 for TF2) Memo is whatever you want, we suggest putting somthing along the lines of Pingperfect server - IP:Port to keep track
4. Once done you should get a "Login Token" code
5. Copy the code and enter this into your servers, server.cfg file. This can be found under Configuration Files on our gamepanel.

that is how it should appear in the server.cfg (the X's are replaced with your code)
Save and restart, server should now appear online.
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