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Install all the mods that follow using our "Steam Workshop" game panel function - How To: Install & Update Mods (Steam Workshop)

  1. Select the "Mods" or "DZSALauncher" (if you use DZSALauncher that is) commandline and enter the following into the 'Mods' field:
    @CF;@Dabs Framework;@Iztek

  2. Select "Configuration Files" → Click "Text Editor" next to serverDZ.cfg

    This will allow you to edit your server config file to change the mission (map) that's being run.

  3. Where it says Mission (Map): change that to dayzOffline.Iztek - then save the file in the top left.

    Download the server files (which crucially include the mission) from here → Iztek Mission Files

    Extract the .zip you've downloaded

    Rename the folder named "Mission" to "dayzOffline.Iztek"

  4. Upload the dayzOffline.Iztek folder to your server's mpmissions folder using FTP

    (If you are unsure how to use FTP follow this guide → Accessing your files via FTP)

  5. You can now start up your server.

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