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It's easy to configure your Pingperfect HYPERCHARGE: Unboxed server. Just follow the steps below.

To select the game mode your server will use, do the following:

  1. Click "Commandline Manager"

  2. Click "Select" next to the game mode you want to use (Co-op, Team Deathmatch, Free For All or Plague)

  3. You can then configure the server by changing the commandline parameters shown - refer to the descriptions below if unsure:
    Difficulty - (Casual = 0, Normal = 1, Expert = 2, Nightmare = 3)
    Map List: Garage,Garden,ToyPalace,Hallway_Hard,Attic_Daytime,Bathroom,Airhockey_Shuffle,Kitchen,KidsBedroom
    Remove as desired.
    WeaponTypes - (Override starting weapon: 0 [Default], 1[MachineGuns], 2[Shotguns], 3[Snipers], 4[Launchers], 5[Lasers], 6[Miniguns], 7[Random])
    Time Limit - (Time limit in seconds)
    Score Limit - (Kills required to win round)
    Tick Rate - Tick rate (measured in Hz) is the frequency with which a server “updates” what the player is seeing, such as player position and object location.
    ClientAuthorativePosition - Give the clients authoritive control over their positional data - feels smoother, but open to exploitation​
  4. Press apply, the server will be restarted, running the gamemode you chose with the settings you configured.

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