B3: Commands

Levels 0
register - register youself as a basic user
help (h) [<command|level>] - get info on how to use a command, you can use *<command> for partial matches

Levels 1
regtest - display your current user status
time - display the servers current time

Levels 2
maps - list the server's map rotation
nextmap - display the next map in rotation
seen <name> - when was this player last seen?

Levels 20
admins - lists all the online admins
b3 - say b3's version info
greeting [<greeting>] - set or list your greeting
list - list all connected players
say - say a message to all players
spam (s) <name> <message> - spam a predefined message
spams - list spam messages
warn (w) <name> [<warning>] - warn user
warninfo (wi) <name> - display how many warning points a user has
warnremove (wr) <name> - remove a users last warning
warns - list warnings
warntest (wt) <warning> - test a warning

Levels 40
admintest - display your current user status
aliases (alias) <name> - list a players aliases
baninfo (bi) <name> - display how many bans a user has
find <name> - test to find a connected player
kick (k) <name> [<reason>] - kick a player
leveltest (lt) [<name>] - display a user's status
scream <message> - yell a message to all player
tempban (tb) <name> <duration> [<reason>] - temporarily ban a player

Levels 60
ban (b) <name> [<reason>] - ban a player
spank (sp) <name> [<reason>] - spank a player, naughty boy!
unban <name> - un-ban a player

Levels 80
clear [<player>] - clear all tk points and warnings
lookup (l) <name> - lookup a player in the database
makereg (mr) <name> <group> - make a name a regular
map <map> - switch current map
restart - restart b3
warnclear (wc) <name> - clear all of a users warnings

Levels 90
clientinfo <name> <field> - get info about a client
cmdlevel <command> <level> - set a commands level
delgroup <group> - remove a group and remove all clients from the group
editgroup <group> <-n|-k|-l> <value> - change a group's settings
groups <name> - lists all the player's groups
newgroup <keyword> <level> <name> - create a new group
pause <duration> - pause the bot from parsing
putgroup <client> <group> - add a client to a group
rebuild - sync up connected players
ungroup <client> <group> - remove a client from a group

Levels 100
die - shutdown b3
disable <plugin> - disable a plugin
enable <plugin> - enable a disabled plugin
reconfig - re-load all configs
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