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Here we will explain to you what a Pending Transaction is and what it means in your bank/payment providers statement regarding PingPerfect.


Quite simply, a pending transaction is a payment that your bank expects to be requested and taken by a merchant (in this case PingPerfect) so your bank will put this money aside until we confirm that we have taken it. While the transaction is marked as Pending, the money has NOT left your account and is still with your bank/payment provider.

The reason the transaction and funds are put into pending is that your bank puts the money aside to make sure that the money is not spent and is ready for us to take if and when we need to take it for your order/invoice that you have placed/paid.

In most cases, our transaction will be taken instantly meaning you would usually not see it marked as Pending as our payment system would have taken it instantly. This is why when a transaction is marked as pending, the money is likely not going to be taken from your account and will most likely be returned to your available balance once your bank/payment provider realises that we are not taking the money they put aside for us.


You can accumulate many pending transactions for many different reasons. some of the common reasons you would have multiple Pending Transactions for us is:

  1. Your order was flagged by the system as fraudulent, and you attempted to place more orders after the first fraud flag.
  2. You placed more than one order by accident.
  3. There was an error in the system upon paying for your invoice/order.

If you have multiple pending transactions, this should be nothing to worry about. The information in the first section of this guide ("WHAT IS A PENDING TRANSACTION") would apply in this case.

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