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User Roles and Groups
B3's permissions are based on groups and levels. Users are assigned to groups and each group has a level. Commands can be run by users that have the minimum level needed to use the command. Upper level user roles are assigned by Super Admins with the !putgroup command using the keywords below.

B3 has several default user groups, each serving a different purpose. You can add, edit, or remove user groups but each of the levels below server meaningful purposes in B3. If you change groups, you should at least maintain a level 100, 2, and 1 user. A short introduction of group modification can be found here: manual-groupmodification

List of groups
Here is a list of the default groups that come packaged with B3, if you want more groups, you can try this extension (use this extension at your own risks !).

Super admin

The Super Admin is the highest level of authority. A Super Admin has access to all commands and is generally only assigned to the server operators.

Keyword: superadmin
Level: 100

Senior admins

The Senior Admins are usually the highest admins that play and admin on the server often. They have access to most commands except for the commands used in server/bot setup. Choose your Senior Admins wisely for they have the full regiment of commands to enforce your server policy.

Keyword: senioradmin
Level: 80

Full admins

Full admins have less authority than Senior Admins but still have access to harsher punishment commands such as !ban.

Keyword: fulladmin
Level: 60


Admins are the first level of administrators. Their harshest punishment is a !kick, yet they are probably the most numerous of the admins.

Keyword: admin
Level: 40


Moderators are the first step to becoming an admin, an admin training ground if you will. They can only !warn users or remind them of the rules. They can notify higher level admins when harsher punishment is needed.

Keyword: mod
Level: 20


Regulars are not admins or moderators, but your loyal server population. You would only give regular status to members of your community who follow the rules and play on your server often. Regulars not only get a status symbol, but access to a few more commands than the average user. Only Senior Admins and up can appoint regulars with the !makereg command.

Keyword: reg
Level: 2


A user is like a self-appointed regular. New players can use the !register command to gain user status. User's have only a few commands but gain extra privileges that would be ignored for the one-time visit players.

Keyword: user
Level: 1

How to put a player into a group and give him more privileges
Currently, you have 3 ways to put a player in a group :


With !putgroup command : As an admin connected in-game, you can set the group of any player :

if you are connected at the same time as the player you want to set in a group, use
!putgroup <player_name> <group>

if you are NOT connected at the same time, but the player you want to set in a group already connected at least once to your server, use
!putgroup <player_database_id> <group>

Note : to get someone's database id, use
!lookup <player_name>

For more infos about database id, please refer to : ... atabase_id

With !makereg command : The makereg command will put a given player into the regular group. This command is convenient if you want to allow your moderators to put regular players into the regular group without giving them access to the putgroup command.

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