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Server Configuration

How to create a Realm

  1. Click "Realms" on the navigation bar at the top.
  2. Click "Create my own realm"
  3. Give the realm a name.
  4. Click "Create"
  5. Click "Dashboard" on the navigation bar.
  6. Click the "manage" button next to "Oases"
  7. Click the tile you want your server (Oasis) assigned to as shown below and press "Add".
  8. Give the Oasis a name, select a map then press "Add Oasis"
  9. Click the tile for the Oasis you just created and press "Activate"
  10. If you have a single Oasis (server) the realm and Oasis setup is complete. If you have multiple Oases then continue performing the steps below.
  11. Click "Dashboard", under the "hosting" section, click change

  12. Click "Advanced" then press "update"
  13. Repeat steps 8 and 9 for all of your Oases (servers)
    After doing that, if you had 2 Oases (servers) the Oasis page would look similar to this:
  14. Your realm and Oases setup is complete.

How to configure Realm Password, Allowed Platforms (Crossplay), Maximum clan size, Description, Message of the Day and Discord Link

  1. Go to MyRealm website
  2. Click "View" on your Realm
  3. Click "Change" under "Settings"
  4. Click the relevant "Update/Change button for the settings you want to change
  5. Make the change, then press "Save".
  6. You do not need to restart the server/s - these settings will apply with the server running (may take a minute or so)

Additional Settings

These “additional settings” are configs/properties that you can change from MyRealm website. You can change both in a realm-basis, and per-oasis. These settings can vary from something simple as disabling Global Chat completely in a server(or entire realm), or more complex things like decay/maintenance configuration, or some fun stuff like enabling jumping rupus.

If you decide to have realm additional settings changed, and also oasis changes, oasis will take priority if there’s any conflict (meaning that some oases can have Proxy Walkers deploying faster than others, or safe logout timers being quicker / slower, etc.).

This can be done from the realm section, by simply choosing to edit an oasis, or choosing to apply additional settings for the whole realm.

At the bottom of this document, you will find a list of all available Additional Settings you can change.

Any setting you don’t touch will remain as default (i.e. VulnerabilityDuration​ - vulnerability window of proxy Walker: If you don’t put this one there and assign a value to it, it will be default).

When applying additional settings, it will be necessary to restart the servers for them to work.

Example default settings:

  • ClaimVulnerabilityDuration=10800
  • ClaimProtectionDuration=75600
  • ClaimActivationDuration=3600
  • ClaimCooldownBeforeDeploy=7200
  • NoBonusAfterMurderDuration=43200
  • GroundToWalkerTetherHealthMulti=0.15
  • SafeLogOutTimeout=120
  • QuickSafeLogOutTimeout=20
  • ClaimChanceForBonus=0.2
  • MinCombatCooldown=30
  • MaxCombatCooldown=300
  • CombatCooldownWallDamaged=300
  • CombatCooldownWallDestroyed=900
  • OneSecondsCooldownDamage=25
  • StructureDecayMinDamagePerHour=300
  • StructureDecayMaxDamagePerHour=700
  • StructureDailyMaintenanceFactor=0.125
  • FlotillaTaxRate=0.05
  • ClaimTaxRate=0.05
  • SellOrdersUpfrontTax=0.02
  • AuctionProlongationOnNewBidSeconds=180
  • AutoLogoutPeriod=21600
  • LogoutEnemyWalkerPeriod=900
  • RespawnCostMultiplier=1
  • RespawnTimeMultiplier=1
  • DehydrationRate=1
  • AuctionStartingPriceMultiplier=1
  • TimeBetweenAuctionsMultiplier=1
  • MaxPlayerStat=100
  • PlayerWeightLimitMultiplier=1
  • ItemWeightMultiplier=1
  • DisableRangedDamage=0
  • DisablePvpDamageForPlayers=0
  • DisablePvpDamageForWalkers=0
  • DisablePvpDamageForStructures=0
  • ExperienceGainMultiplier=1
  • FoliageRespawnRateMultiplier=1
  • HarvestQuantityMultiplier=1
  • PublicKillMessages=0
  • MobsNumbersMultipliers=1
  • MobsRespawnTimeMultipliers=1
  • RespawnOnWalkerCostMultiplier=1
  • WalkerSpawnpointSwitchingCooldown=0
  • JumpingRupuChance=0

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