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RCon (which stands for Remote Connection) is a protocol that allows server administrators to remotely connect to their server and execute commands.

Connecting to your server via RCon is performed as follows, in this example we will be using mcrcon available here

RCon information can be found/changed in the openmod.yaml file located at Servers\Pingperfect\OpenMod\

Remember that as we're using mcrcon the password is ID:PASSWORD
For example, if the ID is ServerOwner and the Password is Jingle the password for mcrcon would be ServerOwner:Jingle

  1. Go to the directory of mcrcon.
  2. Run the launch.bat file.
  3. Type in IP address and press enter.
  4. Type in RCon port and press enter.
  5. Type in RCon password and press enter.
  6. Type in the commands you want to run in the window.

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