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  1. Download Heidi SQL from here (Click the big Installer button)
  2. Install the program to your computer
  3. Open the program, you will now be faced with a "Session Manager" window.
  4. Fill in the details accordingly (you can find these by clicking the SQL Details button in Game panel)

    Network Type: MySQL (TCP/IP)
    Hostname/IP: The IP address your game server is on
    Prompt for credentials: Unticked
    User: The username provided to you
    Password: The password provided to you
    Port: 3306 (unless specified)
    Compressed client/server protocol: Unticked
    Databases: Leave blank
    Comment: Leave blank
  5. Click open.
  7. Right-click your database.
  8. Click "Export as SQL"
  9. Make sure the "Create" tick box is ticked for the Database field
  10. Make sure the "Create" tick box is ticked for the Tables field
  11. Make sure the Data field is changed to "Insert"
  12. Where it says "Filename" , use the folder button to pick a location for the backup on your PC.

    It should look like this
  13. Press the "export" button - it will take a while to back up the database but once it's done you will have a .sql file at the location you chose in step 11 which represents your server's database.
  14. That's it. Make sure to keep the .sql file safe in-case you need to restore your server's database from it.


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