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Occasionally, a player's inventory may become corrupted, or they may get stuck in a corrupted chunk. This may cause negative consequences for the player and/or the server, such as the player is unable to log into the server, the player's game crashes when they join the server, or it causes the entire server to crash.

You could reset the world will fix this issue, but this would mean loss of all progress on the world, removing all the hard work put into that world, which is not desirable.

An alternative way to fix this is to manually delete that player's playerdata (.dat) file, which will reset their inventory, location in the world, and other Vanilla Minecraft-based player data. As most plugin data are stored in the respective plugin folders, these will not be affected.

How to find and then reset a player's data

    1. Find the player's UUID.
      You can do this by searching for their username in a website such as NameMC.com. The UUID will be the string of numbers and letters separated by dashes.
      For Example: 31863eea-82fd-47d4-91aa-c1c62f69d9f4
    2. Navigate to the server's world folder and open it. You can do this via the gamepanel's File Manager or via FTP.

    3. Within your world folder, navigate to the playerdata folder, and then open it.

    4. Find and select the file which has the same name as that user's UUID, and then delete it.

    5. Restart your server for the change to take effect.
    6. Once the player rejoins your server, their inventory and all in-game progress (Vanilla) will be reset, and they will log into your server's default spawn location.

If resetting their playerdata doesn't solve the issue, do the following; remove their username and UUID from the usercache.json file, found in the server's main directory. Be careful to keep the formatting of the file.

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