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The key to open the console is the ' (apostrophe) key.

  • Open IPaddress:port (to login the a game with the IP)
  • Open IPaddress:port?Password=pass (Same as above but with password)
  • Aoc_drawtracer 1 (Weapon tracing)
  • Reconnect (Reconnects you to the current server)
  • Setbind O Command (Change O to any character and Command to your choice)
  • Stat FPS (Displays your Frames Per Second)
  • Setsensitivity x
  • Getall aocgri servername (Shows server name)
  • GetServerRotation (Shows server’s map rotation)
  • GetServerSdkMaps (Shows server’s available custom maps)
  • GetServerMod (Shows sserver’s current mod)
  • Votekick
  • Votechangemap
  • Voteresetmap
  • Adminlogin - followed by the server’s admin password, allows you to log into a server as an admin.
  • Adminlogout - Logs out as admin
  • Admin - Followed by any command executes that command on the server.
  • Adminkick - Kicks a user. Type in a partial name (or no name at all) and you’ll get a list of matching users
  • Confirmkick 0 Reason - Changed from confirm 0. Change 0 to the number of the person and reason to the reason for the kick (Ie. “Kicked for being idle”)
  • Adminkickban - Kicks a user and permanently bans them (i.e. puts their IP/NetID in the config file). Also takes partial names.
  • Confirmkickban 0 25000 Reason - Changed from confirmban 0. Change 0 to the number of the person, the second number to the length of the ban (in seconds) and reason to the reason for the ban (Ie. “Ban for successive trolling”)
  • Adminchangemap - Changes to a different map. Be sure the map actually exists (see the map list), otherwise you may crash your server.
  • AdminRestartMap - Restarts the map.
  • AdminChangeTeam -Swaps a selected player to the opposite team.
  • AdminChangeTeamDamageAmount - Change team damage amount on-the-fly; from 0.0 (no damage) to 1.0 (full damage)
  • Setbind O adminlogin password (Change O to any character and password to whatever your password is)
  • Admin aoc_showdamage 1 - Allows you to see damage. Change the 1 to 0 to turn it off.
  • AdminForceVoiceMute name - Make sure you put the correct and full name
  • AdminForceVoiceUnmute name - Make sure you put the correct and full name
  • AdminForceTextMute name- Make sure you put the correct and full name
  • AdminForceTextUnmute name- Make sure you put the correct and full name
  • Admin addbots 10 - Adds bots to your server. Change 10 to the number of your choice.
  • Admin killbots - Kills all the bots
  • Admin aoc_slomo 2 - Changes the game speed on the server. Quite hilarious. Change 2 to whatever speed. 1=100%, 2=200% .5=50%, ETC. Please note that 200% is the maximum speed.
  • pause - Pauses the server if the server has admin pausing enabled. (Good for tournaments)

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