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Install all the mods that follow using our "Steam Workshop" game panel function - How To: Install & Update Mods (Steam Workshop)

  1. Select the "Mods" or "DZSALauncher" (if you use DZSALauncher that is) commandline and enter the following into the 'Mods' field:

  2. Once the mod installation has completed, start your server up once in order for the VPPAdminTool files to be automatically generated - once the server has fully started, turn it back off.

  3. Navigate to the following directory on your server using the File Manager: \profiles\VPPAdminTools\Permissions\SuperAdmins.txt

    Click the pencil icon to the right side of the file name in order to edit it.

  4. Once in this file you will need to retrieve your Steam64ID, you can do this by pasting a link to your Steam profile into this website:

    Paste the ID you retrieve from this site into the SuperAdmins.txt and then save the file.

  5. Start up your server, and using your configured keybinding you should now have access to the VPPAdminTools menu & Object Builder Tools.

    In order to find out your current keybindings you can navigate to the in game options, then into controls, and finally the "Configure Keybindings" section. By default it will be:

    END - Toggle VPPAdminTools ON/OFF (must be pressed first before you can access any features)
    Home - Open the VPPAdminTools Menu

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