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To set up Admin Logs please follow these steps:

  1. Stop your server.

  2. Click "Commandline Manager"

  3. Navigate to the 'Custom Commandlines' tab

  4. Click "New" and where it says description type in a name for the commandline.

  5. Setup all the Commandline parameters
    Config would be
    Profiles would be

    Please be aware your service may be on the D: drive

  6. Make sure "Log Setting" is set to 'Admin Logging'

  7. Press "Save" then select the commandline on the right to make it active.

  8. You can change what information is output to the admin logs by modifying your serverDZ.cfg file using our Configuration Editor for that file.

    Click "Configuration Files" next to serverDZ.cfg

    Tick the following tick boxes depending on what information you want to output to the admin logs:
    Admin Log Player Hits Only
    Admin Log Placement
    Admin Log Build Actions
    Admin Log Player List

    Save the config file in the top left.

  9. Finally, start your server!


You can find the Admin Logs in the "Log Viewer" - they are the .ADM files

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