Life is Feudal | LiF | Modify Starting Items

Inside your server folder, there is a folder named "data" and there you will find a file named "cm_createchar.xml"

Modify this file accordingly by copy and pasting the current <item /> line and changing the item code.

Full list of item codes can be downloaded from here:

"vik", "mon" and "eur" means Slavard (Viking), Khoor (Mongol), Gottlung (European)

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
      <item id="297" amount="1" vik="no" mon="no"/>
      <item id="1137" amount="1" eur="no" mon="no"/>
      <item id="1138" amount="1" vik="no" eur="no"/>
      <item id="42" amount="1"/>
      <item id="33" amount="1"/>
      <item id="40" amount="1"/>
      <item id="51" amount="1"/>
      <item id="48" amount="1"/>
      <item id="290" amount="1"/>
      <item id="46" amount="1"/>
      <item id="44" amount="1"/>
      <item id="1013" amount="5"/>


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