Life is Feudal | LiF | Changing Actions / SkillTypes.xml editing

  1. Navigate to your control panel.
  2. Select "Configuration Files".
  3. Edit the skilltypes.xml file via the text editor.
  4. <duration const="Value1 Value2"</duration> Explained:

    Value1 = a number of seconds

    Value2 = a denominator by which to divide skill to produce a number of seconds to Subtract from Value 1, reducing the skill use time for higher skill.

  5. Change the Value1 and Value2 values to reflect the change you want to make. If you want to decrease the time it takes to perform a certain action, decrease value1, if you want to decrease the time it takes to perform a certain action at high skill level, reduce value 2 - and vice-versa for an increase in duration.
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