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It is possible but it is not easy.

Before getting started:
- You will need to download your players.db file that is located within your server's missions folder (For example: mpmissions\dayz.chernarusplus\storage_X folder…)
- Then you will need to open the player.db file with a tool such as
- You will need to know the player's UID - A player UID can be found in either the .RPT or .ADM log files on your server (44 characters long).

  1. Open the player.DB file with the SQLiteBrowser program.
  2. Select the "Browse Data" tab - then under the dropdown menu for 'Table' select "Players" - you will see a list of all the players that have joined the server's UIDs.
  3. Right-click the ROW NUMBER for the UID of the player you want to delete, then click "Delete Record"
  4. To save the modified database, select "File" from the Menu bar at the top of the program, then click "Write Changes"
  5. Finally, place the modified players.db file in the same location we originally got it from and start the server.

IMPORTANT: If you don't use the default Chernarus map you will need to grab the players.db from whichever mission you've chosen to use on the server(the path will therefore be different to that which is shown above)

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