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You can whitelist players you want to connect to your server, instead of using a password to keep out unwanted players.
The whitelist does require that you obtain the Player ID, THIS IS NOT the same as a player's Steam64ID.
The Player ID is a 44 characters long ID, which can be found in the admin log file (.ADM).

  • This does mean you will need to turn on the Admin Logging option via the config file and command line.
  • We do not turn it on by default as it can take up a lot of disk space, as a new file if generated every time you restart your server.
  • Server does not have to be stopped to make changes to the whitelst.txt file.

To use the white list option, you need to complete both PART 1, then PART 2 explained step-by-step below.


  1. Stop your server.
  2. Enable White listing in the server configuration file (serverDZ.cfg)
    Text Editor option: enableWhitelist = 0; // Enable/disable whitelist (value 0-1)
    Configuration Editor option: Check the Enable Whitelist check box
  3. Save your configuration file.
  4. Start your server.


  1. Using Configuration Files option, select the Text Editor link next to the Whitelist.txt file to open the file
  2. Enter (paste, because it is so long), the Player ID you previously obtained, and if you want to add a comment to identify the Player ID
    by adding to forward slashes after the Player ID and adding your comment text
    1111111111112222222222222333333333XXXXXXAAAA //Example of a character ID
  3. Save the whitelist.txt file.


IMPORTANT: Changes take immediate effect. Any Player ID's removed from the file will result in the player being kicked from the server.

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