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As of the 1.6 update, you can host mods on your server. Mods are delivered using

1. Make a account, once you have signed-in, click your username in the top right, and click API Access from the left navigation menu.

2. Click OAuth 2 Management, then under Generate Access Token, enter a name to give your token and give it read access (write access is not needed) and click Create Token.

3. You will be presented with your auth token, you must copy this to your clipboard (Ctrl+C keys). In your server's GameUserSettings.ini, find the lines below replacing "TOKEN HERE" with the token we just copied:

AccessToken=TOKEN HERE

4. Now you have entered your authentication token, your server is almost ready to start accepting mods.

You must create a custom command line in the Command line Manager and tick BOTH the Mods tick boxes to enable mods.

Make sure you tick the tick boxes next to "map" and "scenario" and specify valid values in the boxes for BOTH.

If you are unsure what values to use, refer to this:
- DO NOT USE CUSTOM MAPS FOR MAP/SCENARIO, it will cause your server to default to 32 slots.

You MUST also specify a value for the  "ModDownloadTravelTo" parameter. If you are not sure what to specify, use the following example:
To break that down, Oilfield is the map, Scenario_Refinery_Team_Deatchmatch is the Scenario and Lighting=Day specifies daytime lighting so if you want to change the starting map alter that to your desires.

5. To specify a list of mods you want your server to run, specify each mod ID line by line server in Mods.txt



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