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You can get a list of commands at any time by typing help into the console. This will show a summary of all available commands, their usage, and a description of the command's function.

The table below shows the available commands. Mandatory parameters are shown surrounded by "<" and ">", while optional parameters are surrounded with "[" and "]". A "net ID" typically refers to a user's Steam ID.

Command Parameters Function
ban <id/netid/name> [duration in minutes] [reason] Bans a player from the server.
banid <netid> [duration in minutes] [reason] Bans a player (by net ID) from the server. Does not require the player to be on the server.
gamemodeproperty <property> [new value] Gets or sets a gamemode property for the length of the scenario.
help   Displays a list of commands.
kick <id/netid/name> [reason] Kicks a player from the server.
listban   Shows the ban list for the server.
listgamemodeproperties [property filter] List all properties available for the currently loaded gamemode.
listplayers   List players currently connected to the server.
maps [level filter] Lists available maps.
permaban <id/netid/name> [reason] Permanently bans a player from the server.
restartround [0 = no team switch, 1 = swap teams] Restarts the current round.
say <message> Shows a message to all players in the chat box.
scenarios [level filter] Lists available scenarios.
travel <travel url> Transitions the server to a different level.
travelscenario <scenario> Change level to given scenario.
unban <netid> Lifts a ban for a user.

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