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Mutators (used to be called → rule sets) are packaged gameplay configuration assets which the game has by default. You may use these on your own servers by creating a custom commandline , clicking the tick box next to mutators and typing a mutator value into the text box.
You may specify multiple mutators by using a comma-separated list. For example, to enable Hot Potato and Vampirism, specify -mutators=HotPotato,Vampirism on the server command line.

List of Mutators:

Mutator Name Description
AllYouCanEat Start with 100 supply points.
AntiMaterielRiflesOnly Only anti-materiel rifles are available along with normal equipment and explosives.
BoltActionsOnly Only bolt-action rifles are available along with normal equipment and explosives.
Broke Start with 0 supply points.
BudgetAntiquing Normal equipment and explosives, but limited to old and inexpensive weapons.
BulletSponge Health is increased.
Competitive Equipment is more expensive, rounds are shorter, and capturing objectives is faster.
CompetitiveLoadouts Player classes are replaced with those from Competitive.
FastMovement Move Faster.
Frenzy Fight against AI enemies who only use melee attacks. Watch out for special enemies.
FullyLoaded All weapons, equipment, and explosives in the game are available in the Loadout Menu
Guerrillas Start with 5 supply points.
Gunslingers Kill the enemy more than they kill you with a big stinkin' revolver. And explosives.
Hardcore Mutator featuring slower movement speeds and longer capture times.
HeadshotOnly Players only take damage when shot in the head.

A live fragmentation grenade is dropped on death.

LockedAim Weapons always point to the center of the screen.
Makarovs are the only option.
NoAim Aiming down sights is disabled.
NoDrops No scavenging allowed.
PistolsOnly Only pistols are available along with normal equipment and explosives.
Poor Start with limited supply.
ShotgunsOnly Only Shotguns are available along with normal equipment and explosives.
SlowCaptureTimes Objectives will take longer to capture.
SlowMovement Move slower.
SoldierOfFortune Gain supply points as your score increases.
SpecialOperations Start with 30 supply points.
Strapped Start with 1 supply point.
Ultralethal Everyone dies with one shot.
Vampirism Receive health when dealing damage to enemies equal to the amount of damage dealt.
Warlords Start with 10 supply points.


Some mutators can be configured beyond what is provided by the defaults. To configure the mutators further, please follow our guide here:


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