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In your CONFIG.JSON configuration file found in the Configuration Files section, you will find the below section somewhere near the top;

"Browser": {
"Icon": "",
"Desc_Hint": "",
"Desc_Full": "",


Step 1: Find the image you want to use
Step 2: Resize it to 500 x 500 using an image manipulation program
Step 3: Go to a free image hosting site and upload the resized image
Step 4: Copy the image URL that links directly to the file
Step 5: Paste it in between the quotes; the " " part of the line.

"Icon": "http://imgur.com/f6HaAS.png"


The "Desc_Hint" is right under the server name, and is recommended to be a very short message
As before in the above example, the message goes in between the quotes; the " " next to the "Desc_Hint"

The "Desc_Full" is the full description that will be under the map info box, and it is recommended that all your server information goes here
Same as "Desc_Hint" and icon - put it inside the quotes; " "


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